Troubleshoot RDP Shortpath for public networks

If you're having issues when using RDP Shortpath for public networks, use the information in this article to help troubleshoot.

Verifying STUN server connectivity and NAT type

You can validate connectivity to the STUN endpoints and verify that basic UDP functionality works by running the Test-Shortpath.ps1 PowerShell script.

  1. Open a PowerShell prompt and run the following command to download the PowerShell script. Alternatively, go to our GitHub repo and download the Test-Shortpath.ps1 file.

    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile Test-Shortpath.ps1
  2. You may need to unblock the file as the PowerShell script isn't digitally signed. You can unblock the file by running the following command:

    Unblock-File -Path .\Test-Shortpath.ps1
  3. Finally, run the PowerShell script by running the following command:


The output will look similar to below if connectivity is successful:

Checking DNS service ... OK
Checking STUN on server ... OK
Checking STUN on server ... OK

STUN works and your NAT type appears to be 'cone shaped'.
Shortpath for public networks is likely to work on this host.