Supported OS images for remote NVMe


This article references CentOS, a Linux distribution that reached the end of support. Consider your use and plan accordingly. For more information, see the guidance for CentOS end of support.

The following lists provide up-to-date information on which OS images are tagged as supported for remote NVM Express (NVMe).

For specifics about which virtual machine (VM) generations support which storage types, check the documentation about VM sizes in Azure.

For more information about enabling the NVMe interface on virtual machines created in Azure, review the FAQ for remote NVMe disks.

Supported Linux OS images

Distribution Image
Almalinux 8.x (currently 8.7) almalinux: almalinux:8-gen2: latest
Almalinux 9.x (currently 9.1) almalinux: almalinux:9-gen2: latest
Debian 11 Debian: debian-11:11-gen2: latest
CentOS 7.9 openlogic: centos:7_9-gen2: latest
RHEL 7.9 RedHat: RHEL:79-gen2: latest
RHEL 8.6 RedHat: RHEL:86-gen2: latest
RHEL 8.7 RedHat: RHEL:87-gen2: latest
RHEL 9.0 RedHat: RHEL:90-gen2: latest
RHEL 9.1 RedHat: RHEL:91-gen2: latest
Ubuntu 18.04 Canonical:UbuntuServer:18_04-lts-gen2:latest
Ubuntu 20.04 Canonical:0001-com-ubuntu-server-focal:20_04-lts-gen2:latest
Ubuntu 22.04 Canonical:0001-com-ubuntu-server-jammy:22_04-lts-gen2:latest
Oracle 7.9 Oracle: Oracle-Linux:79-gen2:latest
Oracle 8.5 Oracle: Oracle-Linuz:ol85-lvm-gen2:latest
Oracle 8.6 Oracle: Oracle-Linux:ol86-lvm-gen2:latest
Oracle 8.7 Oracle: Oracle-Linux:ol87-lvm-gen2:latest
Oracle 9.0 Oracle: Oracle-Linux:ol9-lvm-gen2:latest
Oracle 9.1 Oracle: Oracle-Linux:ol91-lvm-gen2:latest
SLES-for-SAP 15.3 SUSE:sles-sap-15-sp3:gen2:latest
SLES-for-SAP 15.4 SUSE:sles-sap-15-sp4:gen2:latest
SLES 15.4 SUSE:sles-15-sp4:gen2:latest
SLES 15.5 SUSE:sles-15-sp5:gen2:latest

Supported Windows OS images