Storage optimized virtual machine sizes

Applies to: ✔️ Linux VMs ✔️ Windows VMs ✔️ Flexible scale sets ✔️ Uniform scale sets

Storage optimized virtual machine (VM) sizes offer high disk throughput and IO, and are ideal for Big Data, SQL, NoSQL databases, data warehousing, and large transactional databases. Examples include Cassandra, MongoDB, Cloudera, and Redis. This article provides information about the number of vCPUs, data disks, NICs, local storage throughput, and network bandwidth for each optimized size.


Try the virtual machines selector tool to find other sizes that best fit your workload.

The Lsv3, Lasv3, and Lsv2-series feature high-throughput, low latency, directly mapped local NVMe storage. These VM series come in sizes from 8 to 80 vCPU. There are 8 GiB of memory per vCPU, and one 1.92TB NVMe SSD device per 8 vCPUs, with up to 19.2TB (10x1.92TB) available on the largest VM sizes.

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