'NP' family storage optimized VM size series

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The 'NP' subfamily of VM size series are one of Azure's storage-optimized VM instances. They're designed for workloads that require high disk throughput and I/O, such as databases, big data applications, and data warehousing. High disk throughput and large local disk storage capacities on L-series VMs support applications and services that benefit from low latency and high sequential read and write speeds. This makes them well suited for handling tasks like large-scale log processing, real-time big data analytics, and scenarios involving large databases that perform frequent disk operations, ensuring efficient performance for storage-heavy applications.

Workloads and use cases

Real-Time Data Processing: NP-family VMs excel in environments where data needs to be processed in real time with minimal latency, such as in financial trading, real-time analytics, and network data processing.

Custom AI and Machine Learning: NP-family VMs are suitable for accelerating AI and machine learning inference tasks, where the FPGA can be programmed to execute specific algorithms sometimes faster than typical CPU or GPU-based solutions.

Genomics and Life Sciences: NP-family VMs can significantly speed up genomic sequencing tasks and other life sciences applications that benefit from custom hardware acceleration.

Video Transcoding and Streaming: FPGAs can be used to accelerate video processing tasks such as transcoding and real-time video streaming, optimizing performance and reducing processing times.

Signal Processing: NP-family VMs are ideal for applications in telecommunications and signal processing where rapid manipulation and analysis of signals are necessary.

Database Acceleration: NP-family VMs can enhance database operations, especially for custom search operations and large-scale database queries, by offloading these tasks to the FPGA.

Series in family


The NP-series virtual machines are powered by Xilinx U250 FPGAs for accelerating workloads including machine learning inference, video transcoding, and database search & analytics. NP-series VMs are also powered by Intel Xeon 8171M (Skylake) CPUs with all core turbo clock speed of 3.2 GHz.

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Part Quantity
Count Units
SKU ID, Performance Units, etc.
Processor 10 - 40vCores Intel® Xeon® 8171M (Skylake)
Memory 168 - 672GiB
Data Disks 8 - 32Disks
Network 1 - 4NICs 7500 - 30000Mbps
Accelerators 1 - 4FPGAs Xilinx U250 64GiB
64 - 256GiB per VM

Previous-generation NP family series

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