'NG' sub-family GPU accelerated VM size series

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The 'NG' family of VM size series are one of Azure's GPU-optimized VM instances, specifically designed for cloud gaming and remote desktop applications. They harness powerful AMD Radeon™ PRO GPUs to deliver high-quality, interactive gaming experiences in the cloud, optimized for rendering complex graphics and streaming high-definition video. This ensures gamers enjoy a seamless, responsive gaming environment accessible from any device. Additionally, NG-series VMs provide a high-quality, responsive remote desktop experience, making them ideal for users needing reliable, high-performance access to desktop applications from anywhere in the world.

Workloads and use cases

Cloud Gaming: NG-family VMs harness powerful AMD Radeon™ PRO GPUs to deliver high-quality, interactive gaming experiences in the cloud.

Remote Destkop: NG-family VMs can be used for remote desktop applications, providing users with a high-quality, responsive user experience.

Series in family

NGads V620-series

The NGads V620 series are GPU-enabled virtual machines with CPU, memory resources and storage resources balanced to generate and stream high quality graphics for a high performance, interactive gaming experience hosted in Azure. They're powered by AMD Radeon™ PRO V620 GPUs and AMD EPYC 7763 (Milan) CPUs. The AMD Radeon PRO V620 GPUs have a maximum frame buffer of 32 GB, which can be divided up to four ways through hardware partitioning. The AMD EPYC CPUs have a base clock speed of 2.45 GHz and a boost speed of 3.5Ghz. VMs are assigned full cores instead of threads, enabling full access to AMD’s powerful “Zen 3” cores. NGads instances come in four sizes, allowing customers to right-size their gaming environments for the performance and cost that best fits their business needs. The NG-series virtual machines feature partial GPUs to enable you to pick the right-sized virtual machine for GPU accelerated graphics applications and virtual desktops. The vm sizes start with 1/4 of a GPU with 8-GiB frame buffer up to a full GPU with 32-GiB frame buffer. The NGads VMs also feature Direct Disk NVMe ranging from 1 to 4x 960 GB disks per VM.

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Part Quantity
Count Units
SKU ID, Performance Units, etc.
Processor 8 - 32vCores Intel® Xeon® E5-2690 v4 (Broadwell)
Memory 16 - 176GiB
Data Disks 8 - 32Disks 12800 - 51200IOPS / 200 - 768MBps
Network 2 - 8NICs 10000 - 40000Mbps
Accelerators 1/4 - 1GPUs AMD Radeon™ PRO V620 32GiB
8 - 32GiB per VM

Previous-generation NG family series

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