'EC' sub-family memory optimized VM size series

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'EC' family VMs are specialized for confidential computing scenarios. If your workload doesn't require confidential compute and you're looking for memory-optimized VMs with similar specifications, consider the standard E-family size series.

The 'EC' family of VM size series are one of Azure's security focused memory-optimized VM instances. They're designed for memory-intensive workloads, such as large databases, big data analytics, and enterprise applications that require significant amounts of RAM to maintain high performance. Equipped with high memory-to-core ratios, E-series VMs support applications and services that benefit from faster data access and more efficient data processing capabilities. This makes them particularly well-suited for scenarios involving in-memory databases and extensive data processing tasks where ample memory is crucial for optimal performance.

Workloads and use cases

Memory-Intensive Workloads: Any workload that demands a large memory footprint to efficiently handle tasks, such as simulations, large-scale computations in scientific research, or financial risk modeling.

Large Databases and SQL Servers: They are ideal for hosting large relational databases like SQL Server and NoSQL databases that benefit from high memory capacities for improved performance in data processing and transaction handling.

Enterprise Applications: Suitable for resource-intensive enterprise applications, including large-scale ERP and CRM systems, where the availability of ample memory is crucial for managing complex transactions and user loads.

Big Data Applications: Effective for big data analytics applications that need to process vast amounts of data in memory to speed up analysis and insights generation.

In-Memory Computing: Such as in-memory databases (e.g., SAP HANA) that require large amounts of RAM to keep the entire dataset in memory, allowing for ultra-fast data processing and query responses.

Data Warehousing: Provides the necessary resources for data warehousing solutions that handle and analyze large datasets, improving query performance and reducing response times.

Series in family

Ecasv5 and Ecadsv5-series

These confidential VMs use AMD's third-Generation EPYCTM 7763v processor in a multi-threaded configuration with up to 256 MB L3 cache. This processor can achieve a boosted maximum frequency of 3.5 GHz. Both series offer Secure Encrypted Virtualization-Secure Nested Paging (SEV-SNP). SEV-SNP provides hardware-isolated VMs that protect data from other VMs, the hypervisor, and host management code. Confidential VMs offer hardware-based VM memory encryption. These series also offer OS disk pre-encryption before VM provisioning with different key management solutions. These VM series also offer a combination of vCPUs and memory to meet the requirements of most memory-intensive enterprise applications.

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Part Quantity
Count Units
SKU ID, Performance Units, etc.
Processor 2 - 96vCores AMD EPYCTM 7763v
Memory 16 - 672GiB
Data Disks 4 - 32Disks 3750 - 450000IOPS / 82 - 4000MBps
Network 2 - 8NICs 3000 - 20000Mbps
Accelerators None

Ecasccv5 and Ecadsccv5-series

Confidential child capable VMs allow you to borrow resources from the parent VM you deploy, to create AMD SEV-SNP protected child VMs. The parent VM has almost complete feature parity with any other general purpose Azure VM (for example, E-series VMs). This parent-child deployment model can help you achieve higher levels of isolation from the Azure host and parent VM. These confidential child capable VMs are built on the same hardware that powers our Azure confidential VMs. Azure confidential VMs are now generally available.

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Part Quantity
Count Units
SKU ID, Performance Units, etc.
Processor 4 - 96vCores AMD EPYCTM
Memory 32 - 672GiB
Data Disks 4 - 32Disks 6400 - 80000IOPS / 144 - 1600MBps
Network 2 - 8NICs
Accelerators None

Ecesv5 and Ecedsv5-series

The ECesv5-series and ECedsv5-series are Azure confidential VMs that can be used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your code and data while it's being processed in the public cloud. Organizations can use these VMs to seamlessly bring confidential workloads to the cloud without any code changes to the application. These machines are powered by Intel® 4th Generation Xeon® Scalable processors with Base Frequency of 2.1 GHz, All Core Turbo Frequency of reach 2.9 GHz and Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions (AMX) for AI acceleration. Featuring Intel® Trust Domain Extensions (TDX), these VMs are hardened from the cloud virtualized environment by denying the hypervisor, other host management code and administrators access to the VM memory and state. It helps to protect VMs against a broad range of sophisticated hardware and software attacks. These VMs have native support for confidential disk encryption meaning organizations can encrypt their VM disks at boot with either a customer-managed key (CMK), or platform-managed key (PMK). This feature is fully integrated with Azure KeyVault or Azure Managed HSM with validation for FIPS 140-2 Level 3.

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Part Quantity
Count Units
SKU ID, Performance Units, etc.
Processor 2 - 128vCores Intel® Xeon® Scalable (Sapphire Rapids)
Memory 16 - 768GiB
Data Disks 4 - 32Disks 3750 - 459200IOPS / 80 - 4000MBps
Network 2 - 8NICs 3000 - 30000Mbps
Accelerators None

Previous-generation EC family series

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