Maintenance control for Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets

Applies to: ✔️ Uniform scale sets

Manage automatic OS image upgrades for your Virtual Machine Scale Sets using maintenance control.

Maintenance control lets you decide when to apply updates to OS disks in your Virtual Machine Scale Sets through an easier and more predictable experience.

Maintenance configurations work across subscriptions and resource groups.

The entire workflow comes down to these steps:

  • Create a maintenance configuration.
  • Associate a Virtual Machine Scale Set to a maintenance configuration.
  • Enable automatic OS upgrades.


  • VMs must be in a scale set.
  • User must have Resource Contributor access.
  • Maintenance duration must be 5 hours or longer in the maintenance configuration.
  • Maintenance recurrence must be set to 'Day' in the maintenance configuration

Management options

You can create and manage maintenance configurations using any of the following options:

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