Azure white papers about mainframe topics

Get resources about mainframe migration, rehosting, and moving IBM Z-based systems to Microsoft Azure.

Demystifying mainframe to Azure migration

Azure provides a mainframe alternative capable of delivering equivalent functionality and features. This paper, by Larry Mead of the AzureCAT team, covers the major IBM z/OS mainframe components and the Azure equivalents. It also provides a road map for starting the conversation with IT decision-makers who subscribe to outdated mainframe philosophies.

Move mainframe compute and storage to Azure

To run mainframe workloads on Microsoft Azure, you need to know how your mainframe’s capabilities compare to Azure. Based on an IBM z14 mainframe, this guide by Larry Mead of AzureCAT explores how to get comparable results on Azure. The massively scalable compute and storage resources on Azure provide immediate benefits to organizations running mainframe workloads.

Microsoft Azure Government cloud for mainframe applications

Planning an application migration is the ideal time to add value and agility to even well-established mainframe workloads. In this quick guide, Larry Mead of AzureCAT shows how United States government agencies and their partners can use Azure Government for mainframe applications—and migration may not be as difficult as you think. Azure Government delivers the advantages of a mainframe in a more cost-efficient and agile environment. In addition, Azure Government earned a Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) for FedRAMP High Impact.

Deploy IBM DB2 pureScale on Azure

Learn from our experience with an enterprise that recently rehosted its IBM DB2 environment on Azure. This guide was written by the AzureCAT and DMJ team members who were there: Larry Mead, Benjamin Guinebertière, Alessandro Vozza, and Jonathon Frost. They describe the steps they took during this migration. Their findings were reviewed by members of the IBM Db2 pureScale team. Installation scripts, available on GitHub, are based on the architecture that the team used for a typical medium-sized OLTP workload.

Install TmaxSoft OpenFrame on Azure

Modernize your infrastructure at cloud scale. TmaxSoft OpenFrame makes it easy to lift your existing mainframe assets and shift them to Azure. In this paper, Steve Read (AzureCAT) and Manoj Aerroju (TmaxSoft) explain how to set up an OpenFrame environment suitable for development, demos, testing, and production workloads.

IBM mainframe to Microsoft Azure reference architecture

This white paper reflects Astadia’s more than 25 years of mainframe platform modernization expertise. They explain the benefits and challenges of modernization efforts. This guide gives an overview of the IBM mainframe and an IBM mainframe-to-Azure reference architecture. It also provides a look at the Astadia success methodology.

Deploying mainframe applications to Microsoft Azure

Solutions from Micro Focus free you from the constraints of proprietary mainframe hardware and software. In this guide, Micro Focus explains how to deploy your COBOL and PL/I applications running in IBM mainframes to the cloud instead.

Breathe new life into mainframes

Mainframes are increasingly challenging for business to maintain. This white paper by Infosys and Microsoft highlights the winning strategy for successful mainframe migration. Use cases and examples illustrate the options.