You can use the command to remove a new SAP system. The script can be used to remove workload zones and SAP systems.

Syntax [--parameterfile] <String> [--type] <String> [ --help ]<String>]


The script deploys or updates a new deployment of the specified type.


Example 1

Removes an SAP System deployment. --parameterfile DEV-WEEU-SAP00-X00.tfvars --type sap_system

Example 2

Removes a workload deployment. --parameterfile DEV-WEEU-SAP00-INFRASTRUCTURE.tfvars --type sap_landscape



Sets the parameter file for the system

Type: String
Aliases: `-p`

Required: True


Sets the type of deployment. Valid values include: sap_deployer, sap_library, sap_landscape, and sap_system.

Type: String
Accepted values: sap_deployer, sap_landscape, sap_library, sap_system
Aliases: `-t`

Required: True


Shows help for the script.

Type: SwitchParameter
Aliases: `-h`

Required: False


v0.9 - Initial version

Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. Licensed under the MIT license.

GitHub repository: SAP on Azure Deployment Automation Framework