Common issues seen with Azure Virtual Network Manager (Preview)

In this article, we'll cover common issues you may face when using Azure Virtual Network Manager and provide some possible solutions.

Why isn't my configuration getting applied?

Common reasons for configurations not being applied:

  • The configuration isn't deployed to the regions where virtual networks are located.

  • You haven't deployed the configuration yet. You'll need to deploy the configuration to have it take effect.

  • The configuration didn't have enough time to effect. The time it takes for the configuration to apply after you commit the configuration is around 15-20 minutes. When there's an update to your network group membership, it would take about 10 minutes for the changes to reflect.

I updated my configuration, but the changes aren't reflected in my environment.

You need to deploy the new configuration after the configuration is modified.

Why is my connectivity configuration not working?

You'll need to consider the following items:

  • In a hub-and-spoke topology, if you enable the option to use the hub as a gateway, you'll need to have a gateway in the hub virtual network. Otherwise, the creation of the virtual network peering between the hub and the spoke virtual networks will fail.

  • If you want to have members in the network group to communicate with each other across regions in a hub and spoke topology configuration, you need to enable the global mesh option.

Next steps

See Azure Virtual Network Manager FAQ, for answers to frequently asked questions.