Tutorial: Configure routing preference for a VM using Azure PowerShell

This tutorial shows you how to configure routing preference for a virtual machine. Internet bound traffic from the VM will be routed via the ISP network when you choose Internet as your routing preference option. The default routing is via the Microsoft global network.

In this tutorial, you learn how to:

  • Create a public IP address configured for Internet routing preference.
  • Create a virtual machine.
  • Verify the public IP address is set to Internet routing preference.


  • An Azure account with an active subscription. Create an account for free.
  • Azure PowerShell installed locally or Azure Cloud Shell

If you choose to install and use PowerShell locally, this article requires the Azure PowerShell module version 5.4.1 or later. Run Get-Module -ListAvailable Az to find the installed version. If you need to upgrade, see Install Azure PowerShell module. If you're running PowerShell locally, you also need to run Connect-AzAccount to create a connection with Azure.

Create a resource group

An Azure resource group is a logical container into which Azure resources are deployed and managed.

Create a resource group with New-AzResourceGroup named TutorVMRoutePref-rg in the westus2 location.

New-AzResourceGroup -Name 'TutorVMRoutePref-rg' -Location 'westus2'

Create a public IP address

Use New-AzPublicIpAddress to create a standard zone-redundant public IPv4 address named myPublicIP in TutorVMRoutePref-rg. The Tag of Internet is applied to the public IP address as a parameter in the PowerShell command enabling the Internet routing preference.

## Create IP tag for Internet and Routing Preference. ##
$tag = @{
    IpTagType = 'RoutingPreference'
    Tag = 'Internet'   
$ipTag = New-AzPublicIpTag @tag

## Create IP. ##
$ip = @{
    Name = 'myPublicIP'
    ResourceGroupName = 'TutorVMRoutePref-rg'
    Location = 'westus2'
    Sku = 'Standard'
    AllocationMethod = 'Static'
    IpAddressVersion = 'IPv4'
    IpTag = $ipTag
    Zone = 1,2,3   
New-AzPublicIpAddress @ip

Create virtual machine

Use New-AzVM to create a virtual machine. The public IP address created in the previous section is added as part of the PowerShell command and is attached to the VM during creation.

## Create virtual machine. ##
$vm = @{
    ResourceGroupName = 'TutorVMRoutePref-rg'
    Location = 'West US 2'
    Name = 'myVM'
    PublicIpAddressName = 'myPublicIP'
New-AzVM @vm

Verify internet routing preference

Use Get-AzPublicIpAddress to verify that Internet routing preference is configured for the public IP address.

$ip = @{
    ResourceGroupName = 'TutorVMRoutePref-rg'
    Name = 'myPublicIP'
Get-AzPublicIPAddress @ip | select -ExpandProperty IpTags

Clean up resources

When you're done with the virtual machine and public IP address, delete the resource group and all of the resources it contains with Remove-AzResourceGroup.

Remove-AzResourceGroup -Name 'TutorVMRoutePref-rg'

Next steps

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