Upgrade a public IP address using the Azure CLI

Azure public IP addresses are created with a SKU, either Basic or Standard. The SKU determines their functionality including allocation method, feature support, and resources they can be associated with.

In this article, you'll learn how to upgrade a static Basic SKU public IP address to Standard SKU using the Azure CLI.


  • This tutorial requires version 2.0.28 or later of the Azure CLI. If using Azure Cloud Shell, the latest version is already installed.

Upgrade public IP address

In this section, you'll use the Azure CLI and upgrade your static Basic SKU public IP to the Standard SKU.

In order to upgrade a public IP, it must not be associated with any resource. For more information, see View, modify settings for, or delete a public IP address to learn how to disassociate a public IP.


Public IPs upgraded from Basic to Standard SKU continue to have no availability zones. This means they cannot be associated with an Azure resource that is either zone-redundant or tied to a pre-specified zone in regions where this is offered.

az network public-ip update \
    --resource-group myResourceGroup \
    --name myBasicPublicIP \
    --sku Standard


The basic public IP you are upgrading must have static assignment. You'll receive a warning that the IP can't be upgraded if you try to upgrade a dynamically allocated IP address. Change the IP address assignment to static before upgrading.


Upgrading a basic public IP to standard SKU can't be reversed. Public IPs upgraded from basic to standard SKU continue to have no guaranteed availability zones.

Verify upgrade

In this section, you'll verify the public IP address is now the standard SKU.

az network public-ip show \
  --resource-group myResourceGroup \
  --name myBasicPublicIP \
  --query sku \
  --output tsv

The command should display Standard.

Next steps

In this article, you upgraded a basic SKU public IP address to standard SKU.

For more information on public IP addresses in Azure, see: