Upgrade a virtual WAN from Basic to Standard

This article helps you upgrade a virtual WAN that was created using the Basic type (SKU), to Standard. When a virtual WAN type is Basic, all hubs within the virtual WAN are configured as Basic hubs. A Basic hub is limited to site-to-site VPN functionality only.

When you upgrade from Basic to Standard, all the hubs within the virtual WAN are upgraded to Standard hubs. Standard hubs support ExpressRoute, point-to-site (User VPN), a full mesh hub, and VNet-to-VNet transit through the Azure hubs.

The following table shows the configurations available for each WAN type:

Virtual WAN type Hub type Available configurations
Basic Basic Site-to-site VPN only
Standard Standard ExpressRoute
User VPN (P2S)
VPN (site-to-site)
Inter-hub and VNet-to-VNet transiting through the virtual hub
Azure Firewall
NVA in a virtual WAN


You can upgrade from Basic to Standard, but can't revert from Standard back to Basic.

To upgrade

  1. On the page for your virtual WAN, select Configuration to open the Configuration page.

    Screenshot that shows the Configuration page with an information text box about upgrading to a Standard-type virtual WAN highlighted on the bottom.

  2. For the Virtual WAN type, select Standard from the drop-down.

    Screenshot that shows the Virtual WAN type drop-down menu.

  3. Understand that if you upgrade to a Standard virtual WAN, you can't revert back to a Basic virtual WAN. Select Confirm if you want to upgrade. Then, click Save.

    Screenshot that shows the upgrade confirmation dialog box.

  4. Once the change has been saved, your virtual WAN and the hubs within it are updated to Standard.

Next steps

To learn more about Virtual WAN, see the Virtual WAN Overview page.