Set up alerts on resource log events from VPN Gateway

Azure Monitor provides the ability to set up alerts for Azure resources.

For steps, see Create Azure Monitor log alert rules and manage alert instances and Tutorial: Create a log query alert for an Azure resource.

Resource logs

The following resource logs are available* in Azure:

Name Description
GatewayDiagnosticLog Contains resource logs for gateway configuration events, primary changes, and maintenance events
TunnelDiagnosticLog Contains tunnel state change events. Tunnel connect/disconnect events have a summarized reason for the state change if applicable
RouteDiagnosticLog Logs changes to static routes and BGP events that occur on the gateway
IKEDiagnosticLog Logs IKE control messages and events on the gateway
P2SDiagnosticLog Logs point-to-site control messages and events on the gateway. Connection source info is provided for IKEv2 and OpenVPN connections only

*Note that for Policy Based gateways, only GatewayDiagnosticLog and RouteDiagnosticLog are available.

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