What is the Bing Spell Check API?

Bing Spell Check API lets you perform contextual grammar and spell checking on a text string. While most spell-checkers rely on dictionary-based rule sets, the Bing spell-checker leverages machine learning and statistical machine translation to provide accurate and contextual corrections.


Feature Description
Multiple spell check modes Multiple spell check modes let you get corrections focused on grammar and/or spelling.
Slang and informal language recognition Recognize common expressions and informal terms used in text.
Differentiate between similar words Find the correct usage between words that sound similar but differ in meaning (for example, "see" and "sea").
Brand, title, and popular usage support Recognize new brands, titles, and other popular expressions as they emerge.

Get started

To get started using the API, pick the subscription you want from Bing API Pricing. After getting your subscription key, you're all set to make your first call.

You can easily call the API by sending a native HTTP GET request or by using the Spell Check SDK. For examples to help you get up and running quickly for either option, see Quickstarts.

View API metrics

Bing provides API metrics that you can use to inform your strategic decisions. Quickly retrieve statistics such as your top queries, call volume, market distribution, response code summary, and many more. For details, see Bing Web Statistics.

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