Getting Started with Bing URL Submission Plugin for WordPress

WordPress site owners can use the Bing URL Submission Plugin for WordPress to ensure that their site content is up to date in Bing index.

Bing URL Submission Plugin for WordPress enables automated submission of URLs from Wordpress sites to the Bing index. Once installed and configured with an API key, the plugin detects content changes in the WordPress site and automatically submits the updated URL behind the scenes to Bing ensuring that the site content is always updated in the Bing index.

Some other handy features included:

  • Toggling the automatic URL submission feature.
  • Manual submission of site URL to Bing Index.
  • Viewing list of recent URL submissions from plugin.
  • Retrying failed submissions from plugin.
  • Downloading recent URL submissions for analysis.

This plugin was developed with love and coffee by the Bing Webmaster team.


  1. Log in to WordPress admin panel for your WordPress site. Click on 'Plugins > Add New'.
  2. Search for 'Bing URL Submission' and install Bing URL Submission Plugin when it appears.
  3. Once installed, click on 'Activate' to enable plugin.
  4. Open plugin settings page by clicking on "Settings" link from Plugins page. You should now be greeted with a prompt to enter API key.
  5. Enter your Bing Webmaster API key into the prompt in the plugin page. (You can obtain API key by following the instructions here. Ensure that your WordPress site is verified with Bing Webmaster).
  6. Voila! Your WordPress site is now configured to automatically submit URLs to Bing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I install Bing URL Submission Plugin?

    Bing Webmaster enables quick indexing of your site URLs via the Submit URL API. Bing URL Submissions Plugin automates the submissions of your site URLs to this API by automatically submitting URLs for any page updated/created from WordPress.

  • Where do I get API key?

    To use Bing URL Submission Plugin, you need to have your WordPress site registered with Bing Webmaster. Once your site is verified at Bing Webmaster, you can access your API key by navigating to Settings > API Access > API Key within Bing Webmaster portal. Detailed instructions here.

  • I got an error "Adding API key failed: Invalid API Key" when I'm trying to log in to the plugin dashboard using API key. What do I do?

    "Invalid URL" error indicates that your API key is invalid for the WordPress site you're trying to configure the plugin against. Please verify that your WordPress site is added and verified against your Webmaster account.

  • "Automatic URL Submission" and "Manual URL Submission" cards are greyed out in plugin dashboard. How do I fix this?

    Automatic and manual URL submission cards are disabled if your API key is detected as invalid for submitting URLs against this WordPress site. Please ensure that your site is verified in your Bing Webmaster account and update the plugin with your new API key using 'Update key' option in the API key card.

  • I got an error "Invalid API key : Update API key to enable Automatic & Manual URL submission.". What do I do?

    See answer to '"Automatic URL Submission" and "Manual URL Submission" cards are greyed out in plugin dashboard. How do I fix this?' above.

  • How can I delete any stored data in my WordPress database?

    You can go to 'Plugins' page from your WordPress sidebar and click on Deactivate under Bing URL Submissions plugin. This will remove the API key integration as well as any locally stored data about submitted URLs. Reactivating the plugin will present you with a clean slate and ask for API key input.



  • Initial release.