Character Encoding in XML Disassembler Pipeline Component

The XML Disassembler uses the following algorithm to determine which encoding to use for processing incoming messages:

  1. If a byte order mark exists in the data, encoding information is determined from it.

  2. Otherwise, if the IBaseMessagePart.Charset property is set, the encoding specified there is used.

  3. Otherwise if the XML declaration is present in the XML document, the encoding specified there is used, provided the XML declaration is ANSI.

  4. Otherwise, UTF-8 encoding is used.

    For the preceding cases 2, 3, and 4, after the XML Disassembler determines the encoding, it saves it on the message context in XMLNorm.SourceCharset property. Messages produced by the XML Disassembler pipeline component always use UTF-8 encoding. For case 1, encoding determined from the byte order mark is not preserved.

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