Components of the MQSeries Adapter

The MQSeries adapter uses two components to facilitate document transfer between BizTalk Server and MQSeries Server for Windows.

  • BizTalk component. Install this component on the same computer as Microsoft BizTalk Server. This component communicates with BizTalk Server.

  • MQSeries component. Install this component on the MQSeries Server for Windows. MQSeries Server for Windows runs on Windows Server 2008 SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2. This component (referred to as MQSAgent) communicates with IBM MQSeries Server.


    The MQSAgent component of the MQSeries Adapter is supported running against MQSeries Server 5.3, CSD10 or above, and WebSphere MQSeries Server 6.0 on Windows.

    The following figure outlines a typical use of the adapter.

    Document flow between MQSeries Server and BizTalk

    The MQSeries adapter is a connectivity solution that lets you use BizTalk Server in an enterprise with MQSeries as the chosen messaging standard. Developing this solution was motivated, in part, by the following issues:

  • Accommodating customer requests for simple installation and configuration, and an MQSeries connectivity solution

  • Supporting message sizes up to 100 MB

  • Providing MQSeries support

  • Providing a Plug and Play connectivity solution for MQSeries messages to BizTalk Server

    The MQSeries adapter is a key addition to the BizTalk Server suite of receive services that provide a set of listeners for various communication protocol standards. The listeners attach a protocol, for example HTTP, FTP, or MQSeries, to an enterprise application integration (EAI), business-to-business, or application-to-application integration trading relationship.

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