Custom Party Resolution (BizTalk Server Sample)

The Custom Party Resolution sample demonstrates how to write a custom pipeline component to resolve a custom party.

What This Sample Does

The Custom Party Resolution sample accomplishes its task using the following sequence of steps:

  1. An XML document is retrieved from a folder.

  2. The pipeline resolves the party.

  3. The XML message is written to a folder.

Where to Find This Sample

<Samples Path>\Pipelines\CustomPartyResolution\

The following table shows the files in this sample and describes their purpose.

File(s) Description
AssemblyInfo.cs Assembly information C# source file.
Cleanup.bat Cleanup batch file.
CustomPartyResolution.sln Solution file.
CustomPartyResolutionBinding.xml Binding file.
CustomPartyResolutionPipeline.btp Pipeline file.
CustomPartyResolutionPipeline.btproj Pipeline project file.
CustomPartyResolutionPipelineComponent.cs Pipeline component C# source code.
CustomPartyResolutionPipelineComponent.csproj Pipeline component Visual Studio project file.
InboundDocumentSchema.xsd Inbound document schema.
PartyResolutionStream.cs Party resolution stream C# source code.
RoutingPropertySchema.xsd Routing property schema file.
SampleInboundDocumentSchema.xml Inbound document schema file.
SampleInboundDocumentSchema_Party1.xml Sample data instance.
SampleInboundDocumentSchema_Party2.xml Sample data instance.
Setup.bat Build and setup sample pipeline component batch file.

Building and Initializing This Sample

To build and initialize the Custom Party Resolution sample

  1. In a command window, change directory (cd) to the following folder:

    <Samples Path>\Pipelines\CustomPartyResolution\

  2. Run the file Setup.bat, which will perform the following actions:

    • Creates the input and output directories used in the sample.

    • Generates a new key file.

    • Builds and deploys the Custom Party Resolution pipeline component.

    • Copies the built pipeline component to the <Installation Path>\Pipeline Components directory.

    • Creates the send and receive ports.


You should confirm that no errors were reported during the build and initialization process before attempting to run this sample.

Running This Sample

To run the Custom Party Resolution sample

  1. Copy to file SampleInboundDocumentSchema_Party1.xml or SampleInboundDocumentSchema_Party2.xml to the \In folder.

  2. The results will appear in the \Out folder with the filename guid.xml.

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