Deploying the Business Process Management Solution

The Business Process Management (BPM) solution shows one way to construct a process manager in a BizTalk application. The solution uses a component to select and control the sequence of stages in order processing. The solution takes an order—which may be for a new service, an upgrade, or termination of service—logs it, and acknowledges the order before passing it on for processing. The processing consists of one or more stages that handle the order. Finally, the solution returns a response to the original order request.

This deployment guide describes how to install and run the business process management solution on a development computer and multiple production servers.

For more information about the business process management solution, see Understanding the Business Process Management Solution.

Reader Guidance

This document assumes that you are familiar with BizTalk Server, Windows Server, and Microsoft Visual Studio. It also assumes that you understand basic concepts about enterprise application integration and Web services. Additionally, we recommend that you are familiar with how to build applications by using Visual Studio and that you are familiar with creating projects, setting references, and using the debug mode to debug and test your solution. For more information about the prerequisite skills and knowledge for IT professionals and developers, see Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge.

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