EDI Send Components

The pipeline and pipeline components described in this topic process EDI messages that are not EDI/AS2 messages. For information about the sending of EDI/AS2 or non-EDI/AS2 messages, see AS2 Send Components. Note that AS2 send components perform EDI processing in addition to AS2 processing.

EDI Send Pipeline

EDI send processing is performed in the following EDISend pipeline. This pipeline is installed in Microsoft.BizTalk.Edi.EdiPipelines.dll in \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server <VERSION>.

EDISend Pipeline

This pipeline generates and sends EDI messages. It does not process AS2-encoded EDI messages received over HTTP. Processing of AS2-encoded EDI messages is performed by an AS2 pipeline. The AS2 send pipelines use the same components to process EDI messages as the EDI pipeline uses.


Running the EDISend pipeline from an orchestration is not supported.


The AS2EDISend pipeline generates and sends EDI messages over AS2 transport. For more information, see AS2 Send Components.

The pipeline consists of the EDI Assembler pipeline component:

EDI Send Pipeline Component

The EDISend pipeline uses the EDI Assembler pipeline component. This component is installed in Microsoft.BizTalk.Edi.PipelineComponents.dll in \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server <VERSION>Pipeline Components\.

The EDI Assembler performs most processing of EDI-encoded interchanges in the EDISend Pipeline. For information about how the EDI Assembler processes EDI messages, see How the EDI Assembler Works.