Exporting BizTalk Applications, Bindings, and Policies

This section describes how to export a BizTalk application, bindings, or policies. You can export some or all of the artifacts contained in a BizTalk application, or you can export only its bindings or policies. Exporting an application creates a Windows Installer (.msi) file containing the application artifacts that you selected for export. Exporting bindings or policies creates an .xml file of the bindings or policies. For background information on this process, see What Happens When Artifacts Are Exported.

You can import an application .msi file into another BizTalk group to create a new application that contains the application's artifacts in that group. You can import a binding or policy .xml file into another BizTalk application to use the bindings or policies. How to import artifacts is described in Importing BizTalk Applications, Bindings, and Policies.


Store binding files in a secure location, as they may contain critical business data such as connectivity and configuration information.

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