Getting started with BizTalk Server

BizTalk Server is a publish and subscribe architecture that uses adapters to receive and send messages, implements business processes through orchestration, and includes management and tracking of these different parts. BizTalk Server also includes trading partner management for business-to-business messaging, high availability to maximize uptime, a development platform to create your own components, an administration console to manage your artifacts, and business activity monitoring to manage aggregations, alerts, and profiles.

Understanding BizTalk, runtime architecture, and TPM

If you're looking to get started with BizTalk Server, including learning how it works, then here are some good resources:

Install, configure, and tutorials

Read about what's new, install BizTalk Server, and step through some tutorials:

Architecting or planning

If you're starting to architect a solution or are in the planning phase, then the following topics may help:

Manage existing environments

If you have an existing BizTalk Server environment, then these are good resources:

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