How to Map Single Sign-On Credentials

When you know that you have affiliated applications in your Enterprise Single Sign-On database, you can map the credentials for a user to that application. Mapping the credentials of the current user to an affiliated application requires that you use a combination of the ISSOMapper and ISSOMapping interfaces.

To map between an affiliated application and user credentials

  1. Create new instances of ISSOMapper and ISSOMapping.

  2. Set the ISSOMapping properties to the relevant values.

    The relevant properties for ISSOMapping are the Microsoft Windows domain name of the user, the Windows user name, the name of the affiliated application, and the external user name.

  3. Create the mapping with a call to ISSOMapping.Create.

    Calling ISSOMapping.Create propagates the local copy of the mapping out to the Enterprise Single Sign-On server.

  4. Set the credentials on the mapping with a call to ISSOMapper.SetExternalCredentials.

  5. Enable the mapping with a call to ISSOMapping.Enable.

    The following example shows how to add mapping between a specified Enterprise Single Sign-On application and a user.

public static bool AddMapping(string application, string user, string XU, string XP)  
      // Set mapping.  
      ISSOMapper mapper=new ISSOMapper();  
      ISSOMapping mapping=new ISSOMapping();  
     string username=user.Substring(user.IndexOf('\\')+1);  
      string userdomain=user.Substring(0, user.IndexOf('\\'));  
      // Set credentials.  
      string[] credentials=new string[]{XP};  
      mapper.SetExternalCredentials(application, XU, ref credentials);  
      return false;  
   return true;  

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