MQSeries Adapter Properties

To access MQSeries header properties from a BizTalk orchestration, you must add a reference to the MQSeries.dll assembly to your project. This assembly is located where you installed the MQSeries adapter, for example, \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server <VERSION>.

After you reference the MQSeries property schema, additional context properties are available to various BizTalk Server development tools (for example, the Message Assignment shape in Orchestration Designer).


Make sure that you follow the guidelines in the IBM WebSphere MQ documentation when you work with MQSeries header properties.

The adapter automatically promotes some MQSeries properties. Your applications and custom components must avoid demoting these properties. You can promote additional properties by using custom pipeline components. The automatically promoted properties are as follows:

  • BizTalk_CorrelationID

  • MQMD_CorrelId

  • MQMD_MsgId

  • MQMD_ReplyToQ

  • MQMD_ReplyToQMgr

  • MQXQH_RemoteQMgrName

  • MQXQH_RemoteQName

  • MQXQH_MsgDesc_CorrelId

  • MQXQH_MsgDesc_MsgId

  • MQXQH_MsgDesc_ReplyToQ

  • MQXQH_MsgDesc_ReplyToQMgr

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