String Functoids


String functoids are used to manipulate strings in standard ways such as conversions to all uppercase or all lowercase, string concatenation, determination of string length, white space trimming, and so on.

The functoids Uppercase, Lowercase, Size, String Right Trim, and String Left Trim accept only one input parameter. The functoids String Find, String Left, and String Right accept two input parameters. The String Extract functoid accepts three inputs, whereas the String Concatenate functoid accepts input parameters between 1 and 100.

Two String functoids refer to the numeric position of a character in a string: String Extract and String Find. These functoids begin counting character positions at 1, not 0.

The two string trimming functoids, String Left Trim and String Right Trim, remove all white space characters (spaces, tabs, and so on) from the left or right (as the case may be) of the specified string.

Available functoids

The String functoids are:

  • Lowercase
  • Size
  • String Concatenate
  • String Extract
  • String Find
  • String Left
  • String Left Trim
  • String Right
  • String Right Trim
  • Uppercase

More details on these functoids in the UI guidance and developers API namespace reference.

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