Table Looping and Table Extractor Functoids


In a map, you commonly have one structure in the output instance message for each structure in the input instance message. However, there are cases when you need an input instance structure to produce multiple output instance structures. Table-driven looping enables you to create maps generating such multiple structures.

Table-driven looping uses the Table Looping functoid and the Table Extractor functoid. The Table Looping functoid has an internal table you configure. For each input record or field, the Table Looping functoid outputs the rows of the table, one at a time. For example, if there are ten records in the input instance message and two rows in the internal table of the Table Looping, the functoid outputs a total of twenty rows, two for each of the ten records. The Table Extractor functoid extracts the desired item from a row and passes it on to the output instance message.

For more details, see the Table Looping Functoid Reference and Table Extractor Functoid Reference in the UI guidance and developers API namespace reference.

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