Mathematical Functoids Reference


Use Mathematical functoids to perform a variety of basic mathematical operations.


Because Microsoft BizTalk Server uses the underlying functionality of the .NET Framework, the results produced by some of the Mathematical functoids may vary from the equivalent functoids in earlier versions of BizTalk Server. You should test your maps thoroughly to ensure that you are getting the results you expect.

When a Mathematical functoid determines that one or more of its input parameters is not valid, it cancels the operation and returns an empty string, such that a field in an output instance message is created as "<FieldName></FieldName>" and the string Size functoid returns zero (0).

When the input parameter descriptions specify a numeric value, strings that can be interpreted as numbers are also accepted.

For conceptual information about Mathematical functoids, see Mathematical Functoids.

The following table shows the functoids in the Mathematical category.

Mathematical functoid Description
Icon that represents the Absolute Value functoid. Absolute Value Calculates the absolute value of the specified value.
Icon that represents the Addition functoid. Addition Calculates the sum of the numeric input parameters.
Icon that represents the Division functoid. Division Calculates the quotient of the specified dividend and divisor.
Icon that represents the Integer functoid. Integer Returns the integer portion of a numeric input parameter.
Icon that represents the Maximum Value functoid. Maximum Value Determines the largest value among the numeric input parameters.
Icon that represents the Minimum Value functoid. Minimum Value Determines the smallest value among the numeric input parameters.
Icon that represents the Modulo functoid. Modulo Calculates the remainder of the specified integer division.
Icon that represents the Multiplication functoid. Multiplication Calculates the product of the numeric input parameters.
Icon that represents the Round functoid. Round Rounds the specified numeric input parameter to the nearest specified number of decimal places.
Icon that represents the Square Root functoid. Square Root Calculates the square root of a specified numeric value.
Icon that represents the Subtraction functoid. Subtraction Calculates the result of subtracting up to 99 numeric values from another numeric value.

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