Understanding Tracked Data

When you run a tracking query, the tracked information appears in the results list at the bottom of the Query Results window.

Viewing message details

You can track message properties. You can also save tracked message bodies to a file and view them using non-Microsoft tools.

  • You can right-click any message referenced by a service instance and select Message details.

  • If the message is already processed but it was tracked—because you had tracking turned on—you can save it to your hard disk and examine it.

  • You can attach to the orchestration instance and use the Orchestration Debugger.

Viewing service events

When a suspended service appears in the event log, you can investigate a service by using the Message Flow, Orchestration Debugger, Show Tracked Message Events, Show Live Service Instances, options from the Context menu.

Viewing orchestration events

Use the Orchestration Debugger to view the path a message instance has taken through an orchestration. As you step through, a rendered image of the orchestration shows the progress of the message, and allows you to place breakpoints in the orchestration for debugging purposes.

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