Playbook enhancements with content recommendations


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The October '18 release introduced a powerful playbook capability that enables a sales organization to capture knowledge and best practices and convert them to scripted lists of activities (including phone calls, tasks, and appointments). Playbook is manually triggered or preconfigured to run based on entity record events (for example, a new opportunity or lead creation).

Business value

With the April '19 release, sales professionals will also be able to receive content recommendations via playbooks. This gives sellers additional details on what content to refer to while working on the activities that are created when playbook is launched.


  • Sales managers want to provide their teams with the sales materials, product training content, and information needed to close any deal. All this information needs to be contextually available within Dynamics 365.

  • Sales representatives want the latest information, news, and updated content to be accessible and always ready to support the deals they are working on.


  • Dynamics 365 for Sales provides the foundation of sales enablement, which gives sales teams all the necessary content contextually. Having accurate content helps sales reps successfully engage the buyer throughout the buying process and achieve the desired outcome.

  • Sales managers can refer and attach sales literature and documents to playbook activities


Content recommendation through playbooks is expected to be available only for Sales Hub, not for Sales Professional applications.

This feature is available in Unified Interface only.