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Work efficiently in lists in Dynamics 365 Business Central with the ability to copy and paste rows.

Back-office information workers spend significant time working with lists: analyzing trends and anomalies or entering and modifying data. Repetitive data entry tasks can be greatly accelerated by copying data entered earlier, and users expect industry-standard keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+C to help achieve that level of productivity. Being able to copy data to the clipboard also facilitates moving data across software boundaries, such as pasting a list of discounted items into an email to a customer.

Copy and paste rows

This enables you to:

  • Copy one or more rows in a list and paste them to the same (or similar) list.
  • Copy one or more rows and paste them into Microsoft Excel, including the column captions. Not using Excel? Most applications such as Microsoft Outlook allow pasting tabular content where the column captions will be displayed.
  • Copy one or more rows from Excel and paste them into Business Central.

Keyboard shortcuts

Apart from the industry-standard shortcuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, we've added the highly requested F8 shortcut that copies the cell above. You can rapidly fill in a new row by tabbing across cells and selecting F8 on the cells where you want to copy the value from the row above.

Try it now

Try the new Copy shortcut on your Chart of Accounts by signing in to your online environment at and immediately typing Ctrl+C to copy the first row.


Frequently Asked Questions about Copy and Paste

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