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From user telemetry, numerous performance issues in the Business Central application have been identified and fixed:

  • Analysis of long running SQL queries yielded key optimizations, and unexpected locking issues were discovered and removed.
  • Locking issues in SIFT indexes on the Sales- and Purchase Line tables have been fixed.
  • Data is now cached on the Customer top 5/10 chart, Activities parts, and Mini Trial Balance.
  • Dedicated lookup pages for Items, Vendors, and Customers have been added to make these lookups faster.
  • Static code analysis yielded several under-indexed or non-indexed FlowFields, which are now much faster to read from.
  • In the Edit Sales and Purchase Documents pages, recalculation of all lines for every field has been removed to speed up data entry.
  • The workflow subsystem has been optimized to run faster.
  • My Customer, My Vendor, My Item, and My Account run faster.

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