Sticky default actions in grids


This content is archived and is not being updated. For the latest documentation, see Microsoft Dynamics 365 product documentation. For the latest release plans, see Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform release plans.

Many grids in Finance and Operations have a defined default action. This is a single column in the grid where the value in every row always appears as a hyperlink, as opposed to other columns where only the value in the active row appears as a hyperlink. To date, in Finance and Operations, this default action always appears on the first textual column in a grid before any user personalization is applied. As an example, consider the Account column in the Customer list below.

Customer list

Customer list

The sticky default action feature, which is available starting in Platform update 21, controls where the default action column appears in the grid after personalizations are applied that change the order or visibility of columns.

With sticky default actions off, which corresponds to how default actions work prior to Platform update 21, the default action hyperlink would change to whatever column is the first textual column after personalizations are applied. For example, if you move the Account column to be the fourth column in the grid (or alternatively if you hide the Account column), the hyperlink representing the default action moves to the Name column.

Sticky default actions off

With sticky default actions off, the Name column becomes the default action column if the Account column is moved out of the first column position

With sticky default actions on, the default action hyperlink will be on the same column regardless of any personalizations applied to the form. This means for this customer list, the Account column will continue to be the default action column regardless of whether the Account column is moved or is hidden.

Sticky default actions off

With sticky default actions on, the Account column is still the default action column despite any personalizations

With Platform update 21, the sticky default action feature is off, but a system administrator can turn it on for an environment. To turn on this feature, navigate to the Client performance options page under System administration and find the Enable sticky default action switch. Starting in April 2020 with 10.0.9/Platform update 33, this feature will be mandatory.