Instructional Skills Provider requirements

Microsoft maintains rigorous standards for companies who want to teach its training courses. Every trainer must be Microsoft Certified in the subjects they plan to teach, plus they must have the Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) credential.

How your application will be evaluated:

  • Valid URL and contact information
  • Must have a clear course outline on website
  • Course outline must be in clear format on website
  • Must include pricing
  • Must include frequency of sessions
  • Must clearly state on website if sessions require a minimum number of attendees
  • If localized trainings are offered, please provide the languages supported
  • Should include the regions where the course is localized
  • Number of sessions per course
  • Must provide us with a copy of the certification
  • Must provide us with a list of the participants who have completed the certification monthly.
  • Must have a point of contact that works with Microsoft annually to update validity


  • To renew your Provider status, you must meet the program renewal requirements. (Renewal requirements are subject to change.)

Application Timeline:

  • January 27th – Applications for ISCP open
  • April 7th - Application for ISCP close
  • April 28th – Selected ISCP will be notified.
  • June 15th – Last day to renew with the current list of ISC providers
  • June 16th – New list of ISCP will be available for preview on MCT Learn Page
  • July 1st – New list of ISCP will be available and accepted on MCT Learn Page

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Apply here: Instructional Skill Certification Vendor Application