Certifications for students

Student discounts

We’re pleased to offer academic pricing on Microsoft Certification exams in most countries/regions (except India and China). To qualify, identify yourself as a student in your certification profile and verify your academic status. Once verified, you’ll receive the student discount when registering for an exam.

Identify yourself as a student in your certification profile

  1. Sign into your Learn profile
  2. Click on the photo avatar and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

    Microsoft Learn web page showing a dropdown menu from the Learn profile photo avatar. The Settings selection is highlighted.

  3. Scroll down to the Connected certification profile section of the page and click “Manage certification profile and exam discounts.”
    a. Note: If you have not yet connected your certification profile to your Learn profile, this section won’t be visible. Please visit Connect a certification profile to Learn to complete this step before proceeding.

    The Learn profile settings page at the Connected certification profile section. The highlighted button says Manage certification profile and exam discounts.

    To edit your profile, select the pencil icon next to “Certification profile”.

    A Certification profile contact information screen. A pencil icon used to activate editing is highlighted.

  4. In the “Job title” dropdown, select “Student”.

    A certification profile highlighting the job title field. The field contains the word student.

  5. Look for the academic pricing notice that appears below the “Job title” dropdown.

    A certification profile highlighting the call to action below the job title field: You may be qualified for academic discounts. Get verified now

Verify your academic status

  1. Select “Get verified now” below the “Job title” dropdown to be redirected to the academic verification system.
  2. Verify your academic status by selecting one of the methods from the main menu and follow the instructions.
    • School-issued email account
    • School network credentials
    • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
    • Verification code from a Microsoft representative or your institution’s administrator

Acceptable documentation is a dated student ID, current progress report, current dated class schedule, or acceptance letter to the school of higher education

The Microsoft Academic Verification screen showing academic email fields. Other methods of verification are listed in the navigation.

8. Check your student status during registration.

  • On the certification or exam details page of the exam you want to take, click “Schedule exam.”
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account credentials associated with your Microsoft certification profile.
  • While verifying your certification profile is up to date, make sure the “Job title” field says “Student—verified”.

    A certification profile highlighting the job title field containing the words Student – Verified.

Get help with student discounts

Visit: Certification support.