Clarity Data Collection

What data does Clarity collect after I install it on my site?

JSON field Name Description Fields
e Envelope Contains metadata information about the payload and page. [Version, Payload Sequence, Start Time, Duration, ProjectId, UserId, SessionId, PageNumber, Upload Type, IsLastpayload]
a Analytics Contains information about user interactions on the site. Used for analytics and playback of interactions. Clarity collects the following type of events.

Interaction events: click, scroll, mouse move, window resize, selection, input, and so on.

Diagnostic events: script and image errors, logs, performance events, and so on.

Page events: document sizes, page visibility, page unload, metrics, and dimensions about the page.

Custom events: Custom variables/events set by the website based on some event.
[Time, EventType (Variable number of fields that contain information about the event based on the event type.)]
p Playback Contains information about the DOM and mutation events. Used for session playback. Data includes information about each DOM node such as:

Positional information: parent, position, previous node, and so on.

Layout details: Attributes, height, and width of the node used for display.

Content: Content within the node. For privacy-sensitive fields, this will be masked content not the actual text.
[Time, EventType, ID, ParentId, Previous Node Id, Html Tag, Position among sibling nodes, Selector, Hash, Attributes, Value, Width, and Height]

For more technical details, check out our open source project on GitHub.

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