Troubleshooting Clarity Live Extension

Troubleshoot common questions about Clarity Live Extension with this guide:

Why do I see Clarity Live failed to launch?

Clarity failed to launch.

There are several possible reasons why Clarity live failed to launch. Some of those reasons and possible resolutions include:

  • The site may be slow to load. Try restarting the extension.
  • Did you install Clarity on this page?
    • Make sure Clarity is installed on the page, and you're signed into Clarity.
  • Do you have an ad blocker running?
    • Make sure to turn off your Ad block.

Why can't I select and view a dropdown in Area maps or Recordings?

Dropdowns aren't editable areas. You can edit/select only persistent area. This means that you can select an area if it's dynamic even after moving out of the state. Examples of persistent areas include - navigation bar, image carousels, pop-up windows, etc.

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