Clarity Data Collection

What data does Clarity collect after I install it on my site?

JSON field Name Description Fields
e Envelope Contains metadata information about the payload and page. Version, Payload Sequence, Start Time, Duration, ProjectId, UserId, SessionId, PageNumber, Upload Type, IsLastpayload
a Analytics Contains information about user interactions on the site. Used for analytics and playback of interactions. Clarity collects the following type of events.

Interaction events: click, scroll, mouse move, window resize, selection, input, and so on.

Diagnostic events: script and image errors, logs, performance events, and so on.

Page events: document sizes, page visibility, page unload, metrics, and dimensions about the page.

Custom events: Custom variables/events set by the website based on some event.
Time, EventType (Variable number of fields that contain information about the event based on the event type.)
p Playback Contains information about the DOM and mutation events. Used for session playback. Data includes information about each DOM node such as:

Positional information: parent, position, previous node, and so on.

Layout details: Attributes, height, and width of the node used for display.

Content: Content within the node. For privacy-sensitive fields, this will be masked content not the actual text.
Time, EventType, ID, ParentId, Previous Node Id, Html Tag, Position among sibling nodes, Selector, Hash, Attributes, Value, Width, and Height

For more technical details, check out our open source project on GitHub.

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