Troubleshooting Recordings

Why do I see my website with no styling (just HTML, no CSS) or old styling in Recordings?

Clarity requires access to your site's styling assets so that the recordings and heatmaps render correctly. If we don't have this access, your HTML is rendered without styling.

We cache styles when you first view recordings or heatmaps. Once we receive your Stylesheet and fonts once, we cache them and use them in the future to display your site.

Clarity doesn't support resource versioning. This means that if the content of the same URL changes, any previously cached content will be used for rendering.

There are several possible reasons why CSS or fonts may appear broken in recordings and heatmaps. Some of those reasons and possible resolutions include:

Trouble spot Solution
Your styling resource exists in a non-public environment (production servers, localhost, intranet, and so on.). Deploy your CSS publicly.
Your site blocks access to Clarity (restricted IPs, by geolocation, domain/referrer, and so on.). Allow public and cross-origin access to your site.
Your site uses a temporary Stylesheet. Make your CSS permanent. Or, view your recording or heatmap before it's changed/deleted so that the CSS gets cached.
Clarity has a cached version of the Stylesheet on our servers. To delete a cached Stylesheet or font, send a request to, including the recording or heatmap that uses the resource along with resource URL.

Why can't I see any clicks on a Click map?

No clicks on a click map.

While you view Heatmaps through Recordings, Clarity also adds two implicit filters:

  1. Visited URL of the particular recording within the selected session.
  2. Device type of the selected session.

For a recording, if you're unable to view any clicks, it indicates there are no clicks based on the selected filters. Make sure to remove or adjust your filters and view the heat maps.

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