Azure CLI


az account

Manage Azure subscription information.

az alias

Manage Azure CLI Aliases.

az cache

Commands to manage CLI objects cached using the --defer argument.

az cli-translator

Translate ARM template or REST API to CLI scripts.

az cloud

Manage registered Azure clouds.

az config

Manage Azure CLI configuration.

az configure

Manage Azure CLI configuration. This command is interactive.

az demo

Demos for designing, developing and demonstrating Azure CLI.

az extension

Manage and update CLI extensions.

az feedback

Send feedback to the Azure CLI Team.

az fzf

Commands to select active or default objects via fzf.

az init

It's an effortless setting up tool for configs.

az interactive

Start interactive mode. Installs the Interactive extension if not installed already.

az login

Log in to Azure.

az logout

Log out to remove access to Azure subscriptions.

az next

Recommend the possible next set of commands to take.

az rest

Invoke a custom request.

az scenario

E2E Scenario Usage Guidance.

az self-test

Runs a self-test of the CLI.

az survey

Take Azure CLI survey.

az upgrade

Upgrade Azure CLI and extensions.

az version

Show the versions of Azure CLI modules and extensions in JSON format by default or format configured by --output.