NuGet Package


The CNTK NuGet package is a NuGet package containing the necessary libraries and assemblies to enable .NET and Windows C++ applications to perform CNTK model evaluation. There are 3 NuGet packages:


The package may be obtained through the NuGet Package Manager inside Visual Studio by searching for "CNTK", or downloaded directly from

The current version is 2.7.0.

The CNTK NuGet packages may be installed on a Visual C++, .NET(C#, VB.Net, F#, ...), or UWP projects. The NuGet package contains both debug and release versions of C++ library and DLLs, and the release version of C# assembly and its dependent DLLs. Once installed the project will contain a reference to the managed DLL and the required dependent binary libraries will be copied to the output directory after building the project.

For instructions on how to install a NuGet package, please refer to the NuGet documentation at:

Current Release

The current release of CNTK Eval NuGet Packages support the following interfaces


There is a Linux equivalent set of libraries (albeit not available through NuGet) that enables CNTK model evaluations in Linux using C++. Refer to the CNTK Evaluation on Linux page for details.

Legacy applications using CNTK EvalDLL interface

For applications that are still using CNTK EvalDLL interface, which only supports the model-v1 format, please use the Microsoft.Research.CNTK.CpuEval-mkl NuGet package: