Model Evaluation on Universal Windows Platform


New in CNTK version 2.1.

Starting from v2.1, CNTK supports loading and evaluating models in applications running on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The CNTK Library for UWP is provided as a NuGet Package, CNTK.UWP.CPUOnly, for model evaluation on CPU devices using C++. There is also an example showing how to use CNTK UWP library in C# via C++/CX wrapper.


The Nuget package CNTK.UWP.CPUOnly can be installed through the Nuget Package Manager inside Visual Studio by searching for "CNTK", or downloaded directly from

Please refer to the NuGet Package page about details how to install CNTK Library NuGet Packages.

Programming Guide

The CNTK UWP library currently provides C++ APIs for model evaluation on UWP. It implements the same APIs as the CNTK evaluation library for desktop applications. Please refer to model evaluation for Windows overview page and C++ Eval API for details.


The [UWPImageRecognition folder] ( contains an example for using CNTK UWP library for model evaluation. It also shows how to use the library in C# via a C++/CX wrapper.