Overview of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare entities

This section provides the information for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare entities. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers a comprehensive set of solutions for the healthcare market. Bringing together capabilities from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare expedites a healthcare organization’s ability to roll out solutions. Patients, providers, and care coordinators can perform daily duties in a modern yet familiar user-interface that provides robust functionality.

For more information, see Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

The modules and associated descriptions are aligned with the HL7 FHIR (Release 4) standards.

Entity categories

Name Description
Administration The Administrative module covers the base data that is then linked into the other modules for clinical content, finance/billing, workflow, etc. It is built on the FHIR technology platform modules.
Clinical This Clinical Module focuses on the FHIR Resources that represent core clinical information for a patient. The information contained in these Resources are those frequently documented, created or retrieved by healthcare providers during the course of clinical care.
Diagnostics The Diagnostics Module provides an overview and guide to the FHIR content that addresses ordering and reporting of clinical diagnostics including laboratory testing, imaging and genomics.
Financial The Financial module covers the resources and services provided by FHIR to support the costing, financial transactions and billing which occur within a healthcare provider.
Foundational This is the base or main module which contains applicable core or foundational entities.
Medication This module covers resources and functionality in 3 main domains including medication use, Immunizations, and drug knowledge.
Workflow The workflow module focuses on the coordination of activities within and across systems including interacting with and tracking of devices, activities and dependencies.