Abstract IP Geolocation (Independent Publisher) (Preview)

Abstract's IP Geolocation is a fast, lightweight, modern service for determining the location and other details of IP addresses from over 190 countries.

This connector is available in the following products and regions:

Service Class Regions
Logic Apps Standard All Logic Apps regions except the following:
     -   Azure Government regions
     -   Azure China regions
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Power Automate Premium All Power Automate regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Power Apps Premium All Power Apps regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Name Fördős András
Email fordosa90+ipc_abstripe@gmail.com
Connector Metadata
Publisher Fördős András
Website https://docs.abstractapi.com/ip-geolocation
Privacy policy https://www.abstractapi.com/legal/dpa
Categories Security;IT Operations

Creating a connection

The connector supports the following authentication types:

Default Parameters for creating connection. All regions Not shareable


Applicable: All regions

Parameters for creating connection.

This is not shareable connection. If the power app is shared with another user, another user will be prompted to create new connection explicitly.

Name Type Description Required
API Key securestring The API Key for this api True

Throttling Limits

Name Calls Renewal Period
API calls per connection 100 60 seconds


Analyze IP

Analyze a specific IP address

Analyze IP

Analyze a specific IP address


Name Key Required Type Description
IP address
ip_address True string

The IP address to geolocate. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported.

fields string

You can chose to only receive a few fields from the JSON response. To do so, you can include a fields value in the query parameters with a comma separated list of the top-level keys you want to be returned.


Name Path Type Description
IP address
ip_address string

The IP address submitted for geolocation.

city string

City's name.

City geo ID
city_geoname_id integer

City's geoname ID.

region string

State or province in which the city is located.

Region ISO Code
region_iso_code string

State or province's ISO 3166-2 code.

Region geo ID
region_geoname_id integer

State or province's geoname ID.

Postal code
postal_code string

ZIP or postal code.

country string

Country's name.

Country code
country_code string

Country's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code.

Country geo ID
country_geoname_id integer

Country's geoname ID.

Is EU country
country_is_eu boolean

True if the country is in the EU, false if it is not.

continent string

Continent's name.

Continent code
continent_code string

2 letter continent code: AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA, AN.

Continent geo ID
continent_geoname_id integer

Continent's geoname ID.

longitude float

Decimal of the longitude.

latitude float

Decimal of the latitude.

security.is_vpn boolean

Whether the IP address is using from a VPN or using a proxy

timezone.name string

Timezone’s name from the IANA Time Zone Database.

timezone.abbreviation string

Timezone’s abbreviation, also from the IANA Time Zone Database.

GMT offset
timezone.gmt_offset integer

Timezone’s offset from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Current time
timezone.current_time string

Current time in the local time zone.

timezone.is_dst boolean

True if the location is currently in Daylight Savings Time (DST).

flag.emoji string

Country’s flag as an emoji.

flag.unicode string

Country’s flag in unicode.

flag.png string

Link to a hosted version of the country’s flag in PNG format.

flag.svg string

Link to a hosted version of the country’s flag in SVG format.

currency.currency_name string

The currency’s name.

currency.currency_code string

The currency’s code in ISO 4217 format.

System number
connection.autonomous_system_number integer

Autonomous System number.

Autonomous System Organization
connection.autonomous_system_organization string

Autonomous System Organization name.

connection.connection_type string

Type of network connection: Dialup, Cable/DSL, Cellular, Corporate.

ISP name
connection.isp_name string

Internet Service Provider (ISP) name.

connection.organization_name string

Organization name.