Africa's Talking Voice (Preview)

Offers an action to schedule outbound calls to recipients through Africa's Talking's Voice API. You can use this connector to instruct our Voice service to Say/Play a sequence of items in an outbound call.

This connector is available in the following products and regions:

Service Class Regions
Logic Apps Standard All Logic Apps regions except the following:
     -   Azure Government regions
     -   Azure China regions
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Power Automate Premium All Power Automate regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Power Apps Premium All Power Apps regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Name Advice and answers from the Africa's Talking Team
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Publisher Africa's Talking
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Africa's Talking Voice

Africa's Talking Voice offers a powerful API to build dynamic, scalable, fully-featured voice applications that reside entirely in the cloud without the need to purchase and maintain expensive voice equipment. This connector offers an operation to initiate a call to multiple recipients, providing a couple of voice actions that specify how the call should be handled.


In order to use this connector, you will need the following:

  • An account with Africa's Talking; you can sign up here.
  • A live production application; you can create one after registering.
  • A live phone number on this application; you can request for one by sending an email to

Once you've signed up and you've created a live application, generate a new API Key for that application; you will use this key to authenticate your requests from this connector.

How to get credentials?

This connector uses API Key authentication (see steps above on how to obtain one). When creating a new connector (in Power Apps/Logic Apps), you'll be required to provide an API Key.

Known issues and limitations

This connector currently only works with production ready applications, so DO NOT use the default sandbox application's API key.

The operation to make outbound calls only supports two action types for now: Play and Say. You can read more about these supported voice actions here.

Creating a connection

The connector supports the following authentication types:

Default Parameters for creating connection. All regions Not shareable


Applicable: All regions

Parameters for creating connection.

This is not shareable connection. If the power app is shared with another user, another user will be prompted to create new connection explicitly.

Name Type Description Required
API Key securestring The API Key for this api True

Throttling Limits

Name Calls Renewal Period
API calls per connection10060 seconds


Make an outbound call

Make an outbound call to multiple recipients

Make an outbound call

Make an outbound call to multiple recipients


Name Key Required Type Description
username True string

Your application's username

from True string

Your Africa's Talking phone number, in international format.

to True array of string


actionType True string

An action for our voice service to perform in this call

text string

Text that will be read out to the recipient of the call

url string

A valid URL that contains a link to an audio file to be played

voice string

Voice to use to read out the text sent with this request

Play Beep
playBeep boolean

Play a beep after reading out the text contained in this request


Name Path Type Description
entries array of object


entries.phoneNumber string


entries.status string


entries.sessionId string


errorMessage string