cioplenu (Preview)

With cioplenu you can easily create and manage digital work instructions and checklists for industrial applications. Create smart documents, manage them with work orders, track tasks and problems while executing them and analyze the results. This connector allows you to create tasks for your cioplenu instance from external resources.

This connector is available in the following products and regions:

Service Class Regions
Logic Apps Standard All Logic Apps regions except the following:
     -   Azure Government regions
     -   Azure China regions
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Power Automate Premium All Power Automate regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Power Apps Premium All Power Apps regions except the following:
     -   US Government (GCC)
     -   US Government (GCC High)
     -   China Cloud operated by 21Vianet
     -   US Department of Defense (DoD)
Name cioplenu GmbH
Connector Metadata
Publisher cioplenu GmbH
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Categories Productivity;Business Intelligence

The cioplenu connector allows you to easily create tasks automatically on your cioplenu instance. If you want to connect external systems to add tasks for your cioplenu users you can use the connector to import and prioritize them.


To use the connector you need to have access to a cioplenu instance and your cioplenu license needs to include the tasks module and API access like the enterprise license. If you need detailed information about your license, contact

How to get credentials?

To use the connector you need an API token for your instance. To get an API token create an app user by checking the "App user" checkbox at the bottom of the user creation form. Make sure you assign the appropriate API permissions like WRITE_TASK to the user's role. Finally, generate a token by using the key icon in the user table.

You can find a detailed guide on how to create users and assign permissions and roles to them here.

You can also consult the guide for the CLI tool for a detailed example on how to create an API token.

Known issues and limitations

The cioplenu connector currently only support creating tasks in the state "open". Assigning a user and setting other properties of a task will be supported in the future. The connector also does not support interacting with other cioplenu modules outside tasks yet.

Creating a connection

The connector supports the following authentication types:

Default Parameters for creating connection. All regions Not shareable


Applicable: All regions

Parameters for creating connection.

This is not shareable connection. If the power app is shared with another user, another user will be prompted to create new connection explicitly.

Name Type Description Required
API Key securestring The cioplenu API Key for this instance True
cioplenu instance string Specify your cioplenu instance. Example: True

Throttling Limits

Name Calls Renewal Period
API calls per connection10060 seconds


Create task

Create a new task on cioplenu

Create task

Create a new task on cioplenu


Name Key Required Type Description
title True string

Title of the new task

description True string

Longer description for the new task

priority True integer

priority between 0 and 10


Name Path Type Description
id integer

id of the task created