Example Custom Connectors

You can find the example custom connectors on GitHub. These examples demonstrate certain key features of connectors. The following table gives a brief description of some of the examples, with links to each.

Connector Name Description
Azure Key Vault This sample allows you to manage your keys, secrets, and certificates in Azure Key Vault by providing operations to get or create these items.
Facebook This sample shows how to use the Facebook connector to read and post to Facebook feeds and pages.
Office365Groups This sample contains a connector that uses the Microsoft Graph API to do various Office 365 Groups operations such as creating a group, listing groups, adding members to a group, and so on.

Use the examples

To use one of these connector examples in your Power Automate/Power App, you'll need to create a custom connector using the sample. The Microsoft Power Platform Connectors CLI helps you create a custom connector directly from the command line. Go to Create a new custom connector to learn how you can create a custom connector from one of these examples.

Provide feedback

We greatly appreciate feedback on issues with our connector platform, or new feature ideas. To provide feedback, go to Submit issues or get help with connectors and select your feedback type.