Welcome to Copilot for Finance (preview)

[This article is prerelease documentation and is subject to change.]

This article provides an overview of Microsoft Copilot for Finance (preview).


  • This is a preview feature. It is subject to the preview supplemental terms of use.
  • Preview features aren't meant for production use and may have restricted functionality. These features are available before an official release so that customers can get early access and provide feedback.

Copilot for Finance accelerates time-to-impact for finance professionals by surfacing insights that support strategic decision-making and reduce the time that's spent on manual, repetitive work. Copilot empowers finance professionals to stay in the flow of work by seamlessly connecting productivity tools such as Excel with existing financial systems to support critical business processes and generate insights and actions in real time.

Copilot for Finance offers finance professionals productivity gains in Microsoft 365 Outlook and Microsoft 365 Excel.

In Outlook, it supports the collections process. Users can connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance directly from Outlook to gain easy access to valuable insights from customer data in the ERP system, get help when they craft email responses, and save communication summaries and action items for scaled impact. In Outlook, Copilot for Finance is natively integrated within Dynamics 365 Finance ERP. Additionally, it's independently adaptable, so that it provides the flexibility to integrate with existing investments in third-party ERP systems and finance solutions such as SAP.

In Excel, Copilot for Finance enables more streamlined data reconciliation. Users get Copilot support to help them reconcile their financial data by using Excel. This support includes intelligent prompts when financial data structures are compared, automated reconciliation report creation, and automatically generated insights and suggestions for possible ways to address discrepancies. The reconciliation report summary and documented action items are automatically prepared and available and can be saved for future reference and auditing purposes. Copilot for Finance in Excel can be used with financial data users bring in from a multitude of the financial systems, including ERP and FP&A solutions.

Supported languages and regions

AI in Copilot for Finance and conversational intelligence

Copilot-created content (for example, email summarization, suggested email responses, and analysis summaries) is currently provided only in United States–based English (En-US). Additional languages and regions will be supported in future releases.

User interface

Currently, the user interface for Copilot for Finance is available only in United States–based English (En-US). Additional languages and regions will be supported in future releases.