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Event Handling and ATL

This section shows how to sink events using ATL. It covers the principles of COM event handling and the specifics of sinking events using the support provided by ATL.

For information on how to fire events and implement connection points, read ATL Connection Points.

In This Section

Event Handling Principles
Discusses the steps common to all event handing.

Implementing the Event Handling Interface
Discusses the classes to use for implementing the event interface.

Using IDispEventImpl
Lists the steps for using IDispEventImpl and shows a code sample.

Using IDispEventSimpleImpl
Lists the steps for using IDispEventSimpleImpl and shows a code sample.

ATL Event Handling Summary
Summarizes, using tables, the main ways for implementing an event interface and for advising and unadvising the event source using ATL.

Provides links to conceptual topics on how to program using the Active Template Library.

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