/Fi (Preprocess output file name)

Specifies the name of the output file to which the /P (Preprocess to a File) compiler option writes preprocessed output.




The relative or absolute path and filename of the output file produced by the /P compiler option. Or, the directory path for the .i output files when more than one input file is specified. Don't put a space between the /Fi option and pathname.


Use the /Fi compiler option in combination with the /P compiler option. If /P isn't specified, /Fi causes command line warning D9007.

If you specify only a directory path (a path that ends in a backslash \) for the pathname parameter, the base name of the source file is used as the base name of the preprocessed output file. The pathname parameter doesn't require a particular file name extension. However, an extension of ".i" is used if you don't specify a file name extension.


The following command line preprocesses PROGRAM.cpp, preserves comments, adds #line directives, and writes the result to the MYPROCESS.i file:


This command line preprocesses main.cpp and helper.cpp into main.i and helper.i in a subdirectory named preprocessed:

CL /P /Fi".\\preprocessed\\" main.cpp helper.cpp

To set this compiler option in the Visual Studio development environment

  1. Open the source file or the project's Property Pages dialog box. For details, see Set C++ compiler and build properties in Visual Studio.

  2. Select the Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Preprocessor property page.

  3. Set the Preprocess to a File property to Yes.

  4. Select the Configuration Properties > C/C++ > Command Line property page.

  5. Enter the /Fi compiler option and pathname in the Additional Options box. Only specify a directory path, not a filename, when setting this property for a project.

To set this compiler option programmatically

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